career prospects Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship

Career prospects Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship

As a graduate of the master's Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship, you have excellent career opportunities. You possess a deep scientific understanding grounded in practical experience from working on real-life cases. Together with a valuable professional network, you will be fully equipped to enter the job market with an ever-growing number of data science and AI-related vacancies. Not only in the Netherlands but also worldwide.

Knowledge and Skills

Next to the knowledge in data engineering, data analytics, decision-making, business development, and legal and ethical disciplines, you will be explicitly trained in a set of essential professional skills, such as:

  • Creative thinking, communicating, presenting, negotiating, debating, interviewing, and pitching. You will be practicing these in the In Action courses with real-life data.
  • By engaging with the company stakeholders, you will learn to shape the problem definition and select and apply the methods that fit the problem - not vice versa. 
  • You will learn to create value for business and understand a lot better the practicalities of doing data science in a company. 
  • You will start programming, learning and applying data science methods from day 1 of the master’s. More than one year consists of practical experience that is extremely appreciated by future employers. This will allow you to launch your career in a way that cannot be achieved through a one-year master’s program. 
  • In addition to the professional skills, you will be educated in academic skills, that will allow you to find and understand scientific articles, and do your own research in the core scientific disciplines covered by the program.

Endless job opportunities

This ensures that career opportunities are endless. Depending on the elective courses you choose, you can give color to your diploma by specializing into one of the following profiles: Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Entrepreneur/Consultant, or Data-Driven Researcher.

You can manage your own data science company, finding new markets and opportunities with data. Within an organization, you are the one who translates a variety of issues into technical data insights. You make sure this lands in the business, thereby improving its performance.

​Or you can work as a data consultant or analyst: from advising companies who want to know more about the purchasing behavior of their customers, to using big data supporting police crime detection work, to helping healthcare institutes share global data to fight diseases like Malaria.

  • Koen Aarns

    Koen Aarns

    Founder & CEO at Bluetick

    "Make use of the time available in the program for starting your own company. This allowed me and my fellow students to start working full-time immediately after graduation."

  • Giorgia Tandoi

    Giorgia Tandoi

    Machine Learning Engineer at Floryn

    "The best part of JADS is the community I belong to; at first as a student and now as Machine Learning Engineer. It enables me to work and learn from students and researchers every day."

  • Teun tanis

    Teun Tanis

    Business Intelligence Specialist at Robeco

    "The career events of the Data Science Days, that are hosted several times per year on campus, are the perfect opportunity to get in contact with potential employers."

Positions of Data Science in Business and Entrepreneurship graduates

A selection of positions and organizations where our graduates started their careers:

  • Data Scientist                                                                       
  • Business Analyst                                                                
  • eCommerce Lead                                                               
  • Bus. Intelligence & Reporting Analyst                   
  • Data Scientist                                                                       
  • Data Analyst                                                                         
  • Data Engineer                                                                      
  • CEO/Founder                                                                       
  • Data Scientist                                                                       
  • Data Consultant                                                                 
  • Business Intelligence Engineer                                  
  • Data Scientist                                                                       
  • CEO/Founder                                                                     
  • KLM
  • Quooker b.v.
  • PepsiCo
  • Royal Swinkels Family Brewers
  • IKNL
  • Nestlé
  • ASML
  • Bluetick
  • Adyen
  • Deloitte
  • Amazon
  • GoDataDriven
  • PushBird

You can also choose to start your own company with the support of JADS Playground, pursue a PhD or start an EngD in Data Science at JADS.

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