Health Humanities

Career prospects Health Humanities

Upon graduation you will have gained knowledge and skills to analyze topical issues related to health and medicine, and to contribute to improving healthcare. Your career prospects partly depend on the knowledge and skills you have developed during your Bachelor’s and/or in practice.

Professions related to Health Humanities

Specific professions that will benefit from a training in Health Humanities include:

  • Research in Health and Medicine
  • Health (and science) journalism
  • Health promotion and communication
  • Health policymaking
  • Health administration
  • Health (and science) councils
  • Ethical boards
  • Healthcare consultancy
  • Healthcare management
  • Educational institutes and creative professions
  • Medical complaint committees
  • Emerging professions, such as counselors who support both patients and professionals dealing with their sense of purpose and/or normative / ethical issues

Knowledge and skills

As a graduate you understand complex health care issues and will be able to function as a critical health care assessor. With your MA in Health Humanities you can develop your career as a health care researcher or as a non-clinical healthcare professional.  

After your Master's

Your transition to the labor market
Working in the Netherlands after graduation
Become a teacher

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