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Christoph Schottmüller

Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen | Alumnus Research Master in Economics

"I was impressed by how approachable the professors were (chatting with students in the lecture breaks etc.). I also knew that some of the professors were working on topics I was interested in."

  • Marijke Bos_alumna REMA Economics

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    Our students have stories of their own experiences to share with you. We offer you the chance to contact our Research Master students and ask about their experiences. You are more than welcome to get in touch with our Graduate Office and ask for a (virtual) meeting.

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  • Eline van der Heijden

    Prof. Dr. Eline van der Heijden

    Director of Graduate Studies

    "The Research Master's in Economics is a rigorous two-year program that is intended to train students in conducting research and to prepare them to write a PhD dissertation."

Chris Muris

Assistant Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University | Alumnus Research Master in Economics

"One of the great things about CentER's program is the possibility of close interaction with faculty and other PhD students. Students share offices on the same floors as faculty. Because of this and the frequent, high-quality, seminars, you are immersed in a top-quality research environment from the first day of the program."

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