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Prof. dr. E.C.M. (Eline) van der Heijden
Christoph Schottmüller, Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen
Chris Muris, Assistant Professor of Economics at Simon Fraser University

Education Coordinators

  • Dr. ir. B.R.R. (Bert) Willems, Education Coordinator Microeconomics
  • Dr. P. (Pavel) Cizek, Education Coordinator Econometrics
  • Dr. R.B. (Burak) Uras, Education Coordinator Macro economics

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Our students have stories of their own experiences to share with you. We offer you the chance to contact our Research Master students and ask about their experiences. You are more than welcome to get in touch with our Graduate Office ( and ask for a (virtual) meeting with the following students:

Students Econometrics
Students Economics