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Extended Master's Program Sociology: Politics, Policy and Society in Comparative Perspective

Master students of the track Sociology: Politics, Policy and Society in Comparative Perspective can apply for the Extended Master's program, which adds an internship of 30 ECTS (half a year) to the regular program. Through an internship at a partner organization, the Extended Master's program provides relevant working experience and learning opportunities to enhance your professional and academic skills.

Program structure and content

You have the opportunity to extend your Master's program with half a year, in which you do an internship (30 ECTS) in Dutch or English.

  • The internship can exclusively be done in the Netherlands.
  • During the internship, you will dedicate half your time to existing (research) projects in the internship organization, and half your time researching and writing your Master's thesis.
  • After completing the internship, you will receive a professional certificate in addition to your MSc. 

Application and admission

You can only apply for the Extended Master's program once you have started the Master's program in Sociology: Politics, Policy and Society in Comparative Perspective.

  • At the start of the Master’s program in Sociology: Politics, Policy and Society in Comparative Perspective, you can attend the information meeting organized for students who are interested in the Extended Master's program. In this  meeting, you will be informed about the application procedure, application deadline, possible partner organizations, and the structure of the program and internship.

Partner organizations

  • Municipality Tilburg
    Research department
  • AO Consult
    Labor Training Consultation
  • Movisie 
    National Knowledge Institute and Consultancy for Social Development
  • Mulier 
    Institute for the promotion of social scientific knowledge development and policy effectiveness in the field of sport
  • Nivel 
    Dutch Institute for Healthcare Research
  • PON
    Socio-cultural planning agency for Province Brabant
  • ROA
    The Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market, Maastricht 
  • SCP
    Social and Cultural Planning Office
  • Oberon
    Research and consultancy for the education and welfare sector, Utrecht
  • Inspectie SZW
    Sociale Inlichtingen- en Opsporingsdienst, Ministerie van SZW
  • CBS
    Central Bureau of Statistics
  • Municipality Helmond
    Department of Research and Statistics
  • Municipality Breda
    Department of Research and Information
  • Verweij Jonker Institute
  • Tilburg University 
    European Values Study

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