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Publish your thesis

Your thesis will be published in the WorldCat Discovery. What requirements must your thesis meet?

Theses are published in WorldCat Discovery by the university library . There are procedures for students per School for publishing a digital version of the thesis to the library database. 

Guidelines for publishing your thesis in the thesis database

It is important that the thesis meets the following requirements in order for it to be entered into the database:

  • The thesis has a cover page, title page and a table of contents
  • The title page contains the following information:
    • title (and possible subtitle)
    • full initials/first name, surname and (ANR) student's registration number
    • date and year of graduation
    • name of graduation department
    • supervisor(s) full initials and surname
    • faculty name
  • The pages must be numbered
  • The thesis must be one single pdf-file

NB. Don't put any personal information (address, on your thesis pages.

Delivery in pdf format

The digital version of your thesis needs to be sent in pdf format. To this purpose you can use the program PDF995 that is available as standard software on the student desktop (in the Utilities menu). The digital version of the thesis should consist of one single pdf file.

Check special characters and symbols

Check whether all pages of your thesis can be read in the program Adobe Acrobat. Sometimes special or exceptional letter types, symbols or figures may be a problem.


Please note that your thesis will be made publicly available in the Thesis database via the library (i.e. your thesis will be found by Google). If for some reason your thesis cannot be made publicly available, please indicate this when you send it to the service desk.

Need help?

In case of problems with the use of PDF995 contact the Library Support.

Additional information per school

Catholic Theology

Students of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology submit a pdf-file of their thesis via the e-mail address The secretariat will then forward the thesis to the library.

See also the general guidelines above.

Economics and Management

Students of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management may hand in their thesis by delivering a PDF file to the secretariat of their department. See also the general guidelines.


Students of the Tilburg School of Humanities hand in a digital version of their thesis at the Service desk Education, Research and Communication (D 353). This can be done on CD-r/rw, usb-stick or via the e-mail address The Service desk will redirect the thesis to the library.


Students from the Tilburg Law School should register in the electronic thesis file. One of the functions of this electronic system consists of establishing the thesis' final version. This end version should also be handed in to the thesis supervisor on paper. As soon as the electronic end version has been set down in the thesis file, it is automatically sent to the library for insertion in the thesis database. There is no need to send a paper copy to the library.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Students of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences submit the pdf-file of their thesis, together with the printed version, to the secretariat of their department. There they will check whether the pdf-file has been delivered correctly. If this is the case, the secretariat ensures that the thesis is included in the library's thesis file, and thus becomes publicly accessible.

If the thesis contains (company) sensitive information and for that reason may not be made public, the student clearly indicates this to the secretariat, supported by a letter from the thesis supervisor.