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During your studies you will probably have questions about practical matters, such as lectures or exams. Or what steps you can take if you want to go abroad. You can find information on study-related matters on this page.

Education academic year 2022-2023

We are entering a new academic year. An academic year, in which the basic principle will be that education and exams will take place on our campus where we meet each other in person. In our opinion, physical proximity among the university community, student participation and interaction are important components of academic education. Therefore, we expect our students to attend on-campus educational activities.

In addition to on-campus educational activities, there will be an increase in the use of online forms of education. Because the experiences with online education have taught us a lot, we are in fact moving towards a situation of blended learning. This means that for each part of the program we will look at which form of education fits best and aim for a good blend of on-campus education and online teaching formats. It depends on the program if, and to what extent, online teaching formats will be used. What this means for the way in which your courses will be taught, will be communicated via our digital learning environment Canvas.


Exceptions apply for students of the programs LLB Global Law, LLM Law and Technology, LLM International Business Law and LLM International Business Taxation. Students starting one of these study programs in September 2022 will be able to opt for either on campus or online education for the academic year 2022/2023. If you have applied for one of these study programs you will receive more information about the online and on-campus option after you have been (conditionally) admitted. 

Education and lectures

Study related information

On the lecture page you will find information about various forms of education such as (online) lectures and test subject hours. You will also find information about the various stages of your studies, including work placement and graduation.

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Study choice
Training, courses and workshops

Studying and planning skills

Study choice & discovering your strenghts

Writing and information skills

Do you need help finding information, writing or citing sources? The Scriptorium is the place where everything about writing and information skills can be found.

Personal development

Language skills

Tilburg University offers its students the opportunity to follow free language courses at the Language Center. Are you enrolled at Tilburg University and paying tuition fees here? If so, you will have received twelve digital language vouchers at the start of your studies. Exchange students and pre-master students also receive these twelve language vouchers.

Preparation for the labor market

To prepare yourself well for entering the labor market, it is important that you have insight in your own possibilities and wishes. By participating in Student Career Services workshops and training courses you gain insight into yourself.

Student and study organisations

Going abroad

What are the guidelines for your bachelor or master thesis? How can I publish my thesis? When are the graduation ceremonies? More information about your graduation thesis can be found on the graduation web page


Students can make use of various regulations during their studies, such as education and examination regulations and the complaint and appeal possibilities. You must also take into account rules of conduct and rules regarding fraud and plagiarism.

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The Tilburg Educational Profile

As a student of Tilburg University you stand out among those of other universities because a great deal of attention is paid to ‘character building’ during your study. You will be well-equipped to further develop your talents, increase your knowledge, and contribute to society.  Do you want to learn more on this special educational vision? Check the Tilburg Educational Profile.

Tea Kipshidze

" I want to contribute to my country with the knowledge I have acquired"

Student Tea Kipshidz from Georgia on why she finds it important to be challenged to think critically on complex problems.

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