Tilburg Law and Economics Center

Board and management Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC)

Steering Committee

The TILEC board consists of the deans of TLS and TiSEM, as well as the managing directors of the two Schools. The TILEC Steering Committee oversees and advises the TILEC management.

  • Geert Duijsters (Dean School of Economics and Management)
  • Geert Vervaeke (Dean  School of Law)
  • Anja Opdebeeck (TLS Managing Director)
  • Michelle Arets (TiSEM Managing Director)


The director of the institute provides academic leadership, ensures the smooth functioning of TILEC processes and concentrates on the strategic, long-term aspects of TILEC, including fundraising.

  • Panos Delimatsis

Research coordinators

The research coordinators seek to foster interdisciplinary research within TILEC. They assist the directors in the scientific management of TILEC, provide scientific supervision for the TILEC activities and reports, and supervise TILEC members' contract research activities. They are the natural points of contact for members on research-related issues.

  • Enrico Partiti (Law)
  • Florian Schuett (Economics)


  • Maartje van Genk
  • Heidi van Veen
  • Femke Abousalama
  • Ghislaine van den Maagdenberg