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Within the Academic Collaborative Center Addiction at Tranzo, research is being performed in co-creation with several organizations in practice on knowledge development and knowledge exchange in the field of addiction. Almost everyone comes once during lifetime in contact with substance abuse and dependence on substances or the display of annoying habitual behavior or addiction; sometimes oneself, or in one’s family or in the (immediate) social environment. More than 80% of the adult Dutch population drinks alcohol. Moreover, more than 10% of them are problematic or dependent drinkers, and this rate increases during lifetime. In addition, 22.4% of the Dutch population smokes.

Within the research program of Tranzo attention is paid in various ways to addiction, addiction care and prevention.

In this ACC Tranzo works together with:

  • the Institute for Lifestyles and Addiction (IVO)
  • Novadic-Kentron
  • The Positive Lifestyle Foundation
  • Dutch Addiction Association (DAA)
  • Avans
  • Fontys
  • Windesheim
  • Trimbos institute

Prof. dr. Dike van de Mheen and dr. Rob Bovens are in the lead of the research within this academic center.

Within the Academic Collaborative Center Addiction there are some short-term, but also long-term research projects.


Knowledge exchange within Tranzo is important: - Symposia - Promotions and inaugurations