Tilburg Sustainability Center

Tilburg Sustainability Center

The Tilburg Sustainability Center (TSC) focuses its research on:

  • Climate Action & Resource Efficiency
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Social Innovation
  • Sustainability & Governance

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TSC wants to help deal with the challenges of a globalizing world economy, where climate change and resource scarcity require innovative and interdisciplinary approaches and where both policymakers and corporations find it increasingly important to achieve growth in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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By operating on the interface of economics, ethics and law, TSC researchers are excellently placed to provide support to companies, governments and other organizations in their quest for sustainable development.

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Call for Abstracts

The IUCN Academy of Environmental Law, together with the Tilburg Sustainability Center, is hosting a workshop at 10 September 2020 where we aim to critically consider what is required from legal frameworks in order to enable city authorities to promote or enhance climate resilience. 

Call for abstracts


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