Tilburg University Career Week 2022

IQONIC - Career Week 2023

Date: Time: 18:30 Location: Different locations

IQONIC represents all aspects of entrepreneurship at Tilburg University. Entrepreneurship is also a possible career path that you can explore! Join our events during Career Week to get inspired.

Visit these IQONIC events during Career Week:

The Road Symposium | April 17, 18:30 - 22:00 hrs.

Location: Schouwburg Concertzaal Tilburg

Learn from the top entrepreneurs of the Netherlands and get inspired

The Road Symposium is a unique event that aims to inspire and enthuse students and others interested in entrepreneurship. Its ambition is to break down barriers around entrepreneurship by having successful entrepreneurs share their experiences and engage with students during the debate and networking drinks. 

The Road Symposium is organized by the Tilburg student network ABC. It is accessible for everyone with an interest in entrepreneurship - students, but also experienced entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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Mentor Café | April 18, 18:00 - 21:30 hrs.

Location: Faculty Club

Connect with experienced alumni entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurship Café is for students or recent graduates who own a startup or are self-employed entrepreneurs and puts them in contact with experienced alumni entrepreneurs (mentors). 

This networking event offers talents the chance to gain practical knowledge through sounding board sessions and to kickstart their network. 

Register by sending an email to iqonic@tilburguniversity.edu 

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Accelerator Workshop: Social Entrepreneurship | April 20, 10:00 - 12:00 hrs.

Location: I5, Intermezzo Building

Get a better understanding of Social Enterprise Business Modeling

Success is often measured in terms of profitability and market share. Unfortunately, such a focus tends to ignore often or be unaware of more significant social and environmental societal issues. Not surprisingly, we witness that capitalist-driven, shareholder-focused companies and enterprises often grab profits for themselves while negatively impacting the communities around them.

Therefore, this raises the question - How can organizations continue to make economic gains but equally contribute to the society and communities in which they are embedded? Alternatively, can entrepreneurs focus on creating social good while not being shy about making profits to keep their business running? Fortunately, the answer is Yes!

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Workshop 'Is entrepreneurship something for me?' | April 20, 13:00 - 14:30 hrs.

Location: I5, Intermezzo Building

Take a peek into the world of entrepreneurship

This workshop will be hosted by Dirk van den Berg, entrepreneur and business developer at IQONIC & the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) of our university. He will tell the story of his own journey as a startup founder that led him to the global heart of innovation and entrepreneurial mindset; San Francisco. Using 6 general aspects of business growth he will tell his own highs and lows when trying to change existing markets. Aspects that will be mentioned are data-based business, smart marketing, customer validation and persistence. And the fun part of course. 

The workshop will be an open and vivid conversation that thrives best when there’s a lot of interaction. Please bring some energy to this workshop and prepare at least one question you’d like ask Dirk or put on the table as food for discussion. Use one of the 6 theme’s: Ideation, (protect) Intellectual Property, Team, Business Model, Funding and/or Scaling your business. 

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Venture Visionaries | April 20, 15:30 - 16:30 hrs.

Location: Esplanade Building

Get inspired by student entrepreneurs from the Incubator 

This event is all about getting inspired by the stories of entrepreneurs. During the first edition of the Incubator Talk (student) entrepreneurs of Cosm.Ethics Bar and Goed Zoet will answer all your questions about starting a business

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IQONIC Networking drinks | April 20, 16:30 - 17:30 hrs.

Location: Esplanade Building

Expand your network

Meet (other) students interested in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs from the IQONIC  Incubator and our business developer. 

This informal drink is the perfect way to expand your network by meeting entrepreneurs and students interested in entrepreneurship. 

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