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ENGAGE.EU Modules and Courses – academic year 2022/2023 now open for registration!

Published: 02nd June 2022 Last updated: 02nd June 2022

ENGAGE.EU Modules and Courses – academic year 2022/2023 now open for registration!

The seven universities of the ENGAGE.EU alliance have developed societal challenge-driven modules including 3-4 interdisciplinary online courses on Bachelor’s and Master’s level. In addition, we offer separate courses for flexible exchange options.

The modules and courses are open for students at all partner universities and aimed at developing the knowledge, skills, and competences you will need to contribute to Europe’s economic capability and societal development. You can use the modules to complement and deepen your own program. You are also allowed to apply for and take individual courses. Please always check with your local study program coordinator or exam commission whether and to what extent the awarded ECTS will be recognized within your study program.

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