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Requesting your master's degree certificate via Osiris

Published: 09th June 2023 Last updated: 12th June 2023

Starting June 13, 2023, as a master's student, you can apply for your degree certificate through Osiris Student in the Case module.

Are you going to graduate from your master's program? Then you can apply for your diploma through Osiris Student in the Case module. The Case module is a part of Osiris Student from which you have some options to submit your request for your master's degree certificate. In Osiris Student, you can start a case to apply for your master's degree certificate and track the progress of the process.   

More information 

You can read everything you need to know about applying for your master's degree on the Master and diploma webpage. Do you want to know more about working in the Case module in Osiris? Please go to the webpage Osiris: Student Information System