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Worries about what is going on in the world?

Published: 09th October 2023 Last updated: 09th October 2023

Recent events in the world, near and far, are having a big impact on our community. Does this apply to you, too, and are you concerned about what is happening in the world? Tilburg University supports students and staff who are worried or want to talk to someone. Read here how we can help you.

Together we care for one another 

  • If you are a student looking for information, advice, or counselling, please use the Student Support Road map to find out whom to contact, or contact your education coordinator
  • Staff who feel they might need support of any kind are encouraged to contact their supervisor. You can also contact the mental health counselor (company counselor). He can be reached between 08:00 and 23:00 hrs. via +31 (0)6 28 771 262. For more information about mental health, go to Personal and Mental Support | Tilburg University.  
  • If you have any questions, are looking for help and the above contact options are not sufficient, or if you want to offer help, please send an e-mail to