Campaign publicity elections

As a candidate in the upcoming elections you're probably anxious to hit the campaign trail. The university provides you with a number of opportunities to promote both yourself and your party.

Photo's & interviews

Photos of parties

You can either take a photo yourself, or you can have one made by Erik van der Burgt, photographer. If you want to make use of the services of Erik, please contact him as soon as possible.

Erik van der Burgt
Mail: erik@vrbld.photo
Tel. 06-54354365
website: www.vrbld.photo

Please send your photo to the Electoral office at stembureau@tilburguniversity.edu. Make sure you do this as soon as possible.

Interviews parties 

Interviews with the parties will be placed on the website. Every party can send no more than two representatives (from here on the delegation) to be interviewed together. Of course, sending only one delegate is also possible.

Please make an appointment with the journalist as soon as possible, but no later than March 19, 2022.

Sara Terburg

Mail: sara@terburgtekstproducties.nl

Tel: 06-1609 8201.

The electoral office strongly recommends contacting her at a very early stage. Do not wait until you hand in your candidacy form! Please make an appointment as soon as possible!

Photo’s of individual candidates

For each candidate, a photo and a short text (max. 350 words) can be placed on the election site. You may add your photo to the format (see the button below), but also send us your photos separately. Do this for each party and clearly indicate who is in the photo, for example, by giving the photo the name of the person or the number of the candidate. Make sure the photo meets the following requirements:

  • Jpg-format
  • Close-up
  • Vertical format
  • Original size (maximum resolution)

Adding links to this text will not be a problem. The text should be both in Dutch and in English.  Please use the format below and send all the information as soon as possible to stembureau@tilburguniversity.edu.

Next to the indiidual photos we also need a header or epic for you page. Please send this photo also to stembureau@tilburguniversity.edu. Requirements for this photo are:

  • Landscape format
  • High resolution (min. 1920px x 920 px)
  • In color
  • JPG or PNG format

The deadline for handing in all information is March 21, 2022. Please don't wait until the last moment. This means that any information handed in after this date cannot NOT be published! 

General promotion

News about the elections will be published on both the employee and student pages of the Tilburg University website. Also on Blackboard there will be a link during the elections. In Univers a number of advertisements will be placed directing people's attention towards the elections (this is done only if the dates of the university’s periodical coincide with important election events).

You can also contribute to the general promotion yourself by:

Your own promotional material

Parties (also when they consist of only one candidate) may order leaflets and flyers to be printed at the University Printing Office.

Please take note of the technical specifications required for using these facilities. For more information on these specifications, please contact the Printing Office.

The costs of these services will either be deducted from the amount that the arrangement concerning propaganda costs has reserved for you, or charged to you directly (also see 5).

Implementation directive House rules during participation council's elections (link to PDF).

On February 26, 2008 the Executive Board of Tilburg University has installed a new directive with regard to promotional activities during University elections. This directive has been updated in 2010. Please read it carefully.

Handing in promotional material

All promotional material should have reached the Electoral Office as soon as possible, (At the latest March 22, 2022) in order to guarantee its publication by the time the elections start. Please send us one email containing all the information about your party. It would be a tremendous help if you could put all information into one PDF, listing the candidates (in the same order as on the ballot), the photos, and the text. The photos should also be added separately and should be clearly linked to the candidate depicted. As we ask you to hand in your material in both English and Dutch, that should be one PDF with the information in English and one with the information in Dutch.

Arrangement propaganda costs

Parties (also parties of only 1 candidate) that managed to win one or more seats in the previous election will automatically be eligible for campaign subsidies. New parties (including parties with only 1 candidate) that win one or more seats during this election will also be eligible for campaign subsidies. New parties that fail to win any seats will not be eligible for funding. All payments will take place after the elections. This means you will first need to cover the costs yourself.

This is the amount of subsidy available for a party that has nominated candidates for:

  • The University Council: Each party to a maximum of 700 Euro.
  • The Faculty Council / Service Council Division Committees: each party to a maximum of 300 Euro.
  • More than one Council: The amounts add up to a maximum of 1000 Euro.

The aforementioned facilities and subsidies are only applicable to the 2022 university elections. Immediately after the elections, the costs can be claimed at the electoral office, stembureau@tilburguniversity.edu. All claims must be accompanied by invoices, accounts, etc. The claims must be issued no later than December 31, 2022.