Denk, praat en beslis mee over ons universiteitsbeleid.

Participative decision-making at Tilburg University

Students and employees contribute to thinking, discussing, and deciding on Tilburg University’s policies.

Spit it out, say it loud!

At Tilburg University, students and staff also give their input, discuss, and decide on the policies of the University Council, School Councils, Program Committees, and Divisional Commissions. This participatory decision-making plays an important role in Tilburg University’s policy and decision-making processes.

With the online and on-campus campaign “Spit it out, say it loud!”, we provide you with more context on participatory decision-making as well as its relevance. Have you seen the videos on our social media channels? Or the posters on the campus? You can also submit your views on certain topics.

What if you had your say? Let us know!

April 2023 Student Elections

Every year there are elections for the participation at our university. In the April 2023 the elections for the student sections of the University Council and the Faculty Councils are organised. 

More info on the 2023 elections