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Elections on the Participation of Tilburg University

In April 2021 elections will take place for all student participatory councils at Tilburg University.

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Elections for students

The elections for students will take place from April 28 up to April 30, 2021.

Elections will be organized for:

  • The University Council
  • The School Councils (Faculty Councils)

University Council

The University Council consists of nine employees and nine students from the university. They are elected through annual (students) or biennial (employees) elections among all students and staff. The council is a serious interlocutor of the board and formally influences the policy and the state of affairs within the university.

The council reviews proposed decisions of the Executive Board and brings issues from within the organization to the Board’s attention. Where necessary, the Council will use its rights to correct the Board’s proposals or issue proposals of its own.  In this way, the University Council contributes to a healthy and balanced distribution of interests and influence within the university. 

Students can vote for:

Next to the student parties, the University Council consists of two employee parties (employees do not have to vote this year):

School (Faculty) Councils

The Faculty Council consists of employees and students from a School. The council represents the interests of students and employees in the field of education, research, policy and decision-making. To this end, it advises the Management Team, on request or otherwise, on matters and developments within the School. In addition, the council has the right of consent for matters such as the School’s regulations, part of the teaching and examination regulations and the Strategic Plan. Each School at Tilburg University has its own Faculty Council. Check the parties below for additional information:






No party at the moment.

Division Committees

The university has Divisional Committees for the divisions of University Services. These Councils promote employees’ views in the area of policy and decision-making. A Divisional Council has the right to endorse decisions and the right to be consulted. The Councils speak directly with the division director. Amongst other things, the Council ensures openness and anti-discrimination. It also discusses labor conditions and work load. A Division Committee has the right of consent and advice.


  • ES
  • MC
  • FS
  • LIS
  • HR
  • AS 
  • FC 

Electoral Committee's Office

In accordance with article 3.1 of the Election regulations the Electoral committee consists of three to five members. The members and, if necessary, no more than three deputy members are appointed by the Executive Board of Tilburg University for a period of two years.