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Dr Ammar Maleki’s research group GAMAAN wins MRS President’s Medal 2022

Published: 09th December 2022 Last updated: 09th December 2022

Assistant professor Dr. Ammar Maleki’s research group GAMAAN has won the President’s Medal 2022 of Market Research Society (MRS) in the UK for their innovative commitment to discovering what Iranians really think.

The MRS President's Medal is awarded annually to an organization or individual that has made an extraordinary contribution to research. MRS supports the ‘research, insight and analytics’ sector with specialist training and qualifications, professional membership, company accreditation, cutting-edge conferences, glittering awards and advice on best practice.

Between 2019 and 2022, GAMAAN (Group for Analysing and Measuring Attitudes in Iran) conducted a number of online surveys that ensured anonymity to potentially fearful participants. In particular, following the death in custody of Mahsa Amini in September – who suffered fatal injuries resulting from an arrest and beating by the country’s hijab police – GAMAAN used its data to demonstrate that there was wider support for the protests about Mahsa’s treatment than the regime wanted to the world to believe. GAMAAN’s 2022 survey on political systems indicated that about 67% of the target population of literate adults are against a political system governed by religious law (source: MRS).

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"For me democracy is more than just an academic subject"