Tilburg University department Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence


The research of the CS&AI research program focuses on the cognitive sciences and artificial Intelligence, combining the measuring of mental and behavioral processing, the modelling of these processes in computational models, and the testing of these computational models with experiments. A considerable part of the research is based on the development and use of methods from data science. The research topics addressed by the group are wide and varied and are all related to aspects of cognitive science and artificial intelligence, including computational linguistics (language and text analytics), image recognition, affective computing (social signal processing), deep learning (neural networks), speech and voice analytics, multimodal communication, automated face and gesture analytics, decision making, cognitive modeling, virtual, mixed and augmented reality, (serious) gaming, robotics, and avatars.

Within our education – which in our view can ultimately not be seen as independent from research – the CS&AI group is responsible for the Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence (CS&AI) Bachelor, the CS&AI Master, as well as the university-wide Master Data Science & Society (formerly known as Data Science: Business and Governance). The latter has now been accredited nationally and the former two are in the process of being accredited nationally (the Bachelor CS&AI passed a first phase in the accreditation process in August 2018). The CS&AI group also contributes to the Eindhoven University of Technology / Tilburg University combined Bachelor Data Science and the Master Data Science & Entrepreneurship (Jheronimus Academy of Data Science or JADS). It should be pointed out that in particular the CS&AI Bachelor and Master programs demonstrate the department’s vision on research-based education. Students perform research within the projects of CS&AI, either internal projects or projects in an environment of public-private collaboration.

Research Units

  • Human - AI Interaction
  • Deep Learning for Perception
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Autonomous Agents & Gaming
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