Tilburg University department Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence

Meet our staff

Management team
Name Expertise Role
Marie Postma education & technology, vocal and speech analytics department chair
Pieter Spronck machine learning, gaming research vice chair
Max Louwerse cognitive science, virtual reality research leader cognitive science
Eric Postma AI, affective computing, deep learning research leader artificial intelligence, JADS liaison
Emmanuel Keuleers distributional semantics, computational psycholinguistics academic Director – BSc CSAI
Henry Brighton cognitive science, decision science, machine learning, computational modeling of evolutionary and adaptive systems academic Director – MSc CSAI
Drew Hendrickson educational technologies academic Director – MSc DSS
Raquel G. Alhama computational linguistics, cognitive modeling of language  
Maryam Alimardani brain-computer interfaces, robotics  
Afra Alishahi cognitive modeling of language, computational linguistics  
Giovanni Cassani computational psycholinguistics, language acquisition, computational linguistics  
Grzegorz Chrupala computational linguistics  
Silvy Collin cognitive neuroscience, cognitive science  
Boris Čule data mining, machine learning, AI  
Mirella De Sisto

postdoc SIGNON project / linguistics, phonology, digital humanities

Chris Emmery privacy and security in natural language processing  
Eriko Fukuda human development and learning  
Çiçek Güven Özçelebi network analysis  
Mirjam de Haas social robots, child-robot interaction, second language acquisition  
Peter Hendrix linguistics, language processing, statistics, time-to-event analysis, machine learning  
Bertrand Higy understanding visually grounded spoken language  
Lisanne Huis in t Veld cognitive neuroscience  
Merel Jung social signal processing, deep learning  
Japke Karreman scientific programmer  
Michal Klincewicz time perception, artificial moral reasoning, moral improvement with artificial intelligence  
Peter de Kock data science in Crime & Safety Professor of Practise (JADS)
Kiril Mitev scientific programmer  
Gonzalo Nápoles machine learning, neural networks, fuzzy cognitive maps  
Bruno Nicenboim computational cognitive modeling, psycholinguistics,  Bayesian methods  
Juan Sebastian Olier unsupervised learning, autoencoders  
Sharon Ong image and signal processing  
Itir Önal Ertugrul face analysis and synthesis, deep learning, affective computing  
Wendy Powell virtual reality  
Vaughan Powell virtual reality  
Martin Reynaert computational linguistics,
natural language processing
Paula Roncaglia    
Stefan Samba data processing, programming for AI lecturer
Roi Santos Mateos postdoc Art Recognition project / computer vision  
Yash Satsangi decision-theoretic planning, sequential decision making under uncertainty, reinforcement learning  
Görkem Saygili computer vision, medical image analysis, deep learning   
‪Dimitar Shterionov machine translation (statistical and neural), quality estimation, automatic post-editing, low-resource MT  
Mirjam Siesling __  
Ilse Souhail-van de Pol __ project manager Region Deal
Giacomo Spigler deep learning and deep reinforcement learning  
Richard Starmans statistical learning, foundations of AI and data science  
Dan Stowell machine learning, deep learning, biodiversity, audio, animal vocal communication  
Eva Vanmassenhove neural machine translation, natural language processing (NLP), bias in NLP, cross-linguistic research  
Travis Wiltshire collaborative cognition, dynamical systems modeling  
Marijn van Wingerden cognitive neuroscience, animal social behavior