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MasterMinds: Human and Artificial Minds in Aerospace, Education, Logistics, Maintenance, and Predictive behavior

The MasterMinds project consists of five innovative research projects, in which 15 partners work together to develop breakthroughs with interactive AI related technologies such as Serious Gaming, Virtual Reality, Data Science and Avatars.

Watch a short video compilation of the MasterMinds project here.

The MasterMinds projects

Watch a compilation of the MasterMinds project

Watch the full video here.

Read more about the MasterMinds project here.


The MasterMinds projects operate from within the MindLabs ecosystem. MindLabs is a partnership between knowledge institutions, a growing number of business partners, and governmental organizations. The focus of MindLabs lies on human-centred AI and on solving societal issues with the help of technology.


In June 2021, MasterMinds joined the national Innovation Center for Artifical Intelligence (ICAI). The ICAI is a national collaboration of different universities, corporations and the Dutch government with over 50 labs located at 13 locations in the Netherlands. The goal of ICAI is to make sure that the Netherlands continues to be a leader in the area of AI through the development of knowledge and talent. 

This project has been made possible by the Region Deal Midden- en West-Brabant.

For more information, please visit ebwb.nl or midpointbrabant.nl