Stay connected! Tilburg University facilitates strong ties among graduates and between graduates and their school or graduate associations.

Attend courses

Language courses

As a Tilburg University graduate, you can continue to use the facilities of the Language Center for up to ten years following your graduation. Alumni pay the same amount as Tilburg University employees. You will need to present a copy of your diploma.

Summer school

This summer, the third edition of the Tilburg University Summer School is organized, with a broad range of courses. The Summer School focusses at national and international students and employees of the university. But, as of this year, Tilburg University Alumni are also welcome to participate. So if you want to improve your English or Spanish this summer, the Summer School might just be what you are looking for! The Summer School also offers courses such as ‘International Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Visual Legal Advocacy’. Many courses are offered at attractive fees for alumni. Besides the courses, there is also a social program. Alumni are most welcome to join the social activities, but please, do not feel obliged.