University Library

TiUfinder: finding publications at the university library for students

TiUfinder is an application that makes it possible to check in an external database, if a publication is available at Tilburg University. It is possible that one database only states the publication, whereas the other database gives you access to the full-text.

How does the TiUfinder work?

In the external databases mentioned below the TiUfinder logo will appear in each publication. This logo/link redirects you to the catalog (WorldCat Local). Now, you have to following options:

  • The full-text of a publication (mostly a journal article) is found and you directly see one or more links to the full-text.
  • The full-text has not (yet) been found. Click the tab Search this library to search the title in the catalog (WorldCat Local). In this way you can e.g. find the paper version. If this doesn’t bring forward any results you can always try to find the publication in all separate databases and submit an Interlibrary Loan request (a paid service).

Advantage of the TiUfinder

The TiUfinder makes it possible to find full-text publications which are not available in a database. Many bibliographical databases (e.g. ERIC and PsychINFO) only contain descriptions of publications.  Until the development of the TiUfinder you yourself needed to search for book or journal article in the library databases. The TiUfinder will do the searching of a publication for you.

Databases with the TiUfinder

The TiUfinder only appears in databases that do not contain the full-text already. Databases with the TiUfinder are:

  • ATLA Religion Database + ATLASerials (EBSCOhost interface)
  • Catholic Periodical and Literature Index (EBSCOhost interface)
  • EconLit (EBSCOhost interface)
  • ERIC (ProQuest interface)
  • Google Scholar
  • GreenFILE (EBSCOhost interface)
  • Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (EBSCOhost interface)
  • Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (ProQuest interface)
  • Philosopher's Index
  • Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection
  • PsycINFO
  • ScienceDirect
  • Social Services Abstracts (ProQuest interface)
  • Sociological Abstracts (ProQuest interface)
  • Web of Science
  • Zentralblatt MATH