Studieplekken Tilburg University Library

Study places for students

Do you want to study on campus? There is a variety of study places. Check the overview for important information.

Type of study places

  • Silent study places
  • Group work study places
  • Study places with and without PC
  • Dual screen study places

Specifications study places per building

The number of study places per building mentioned below only apply to the regular situation. Check:

Academia building
  • Type of study places: study places without PC at the galleries on the ground floor, second floor and fourth floor.
  • Printer: A52.
  • These workstations are free to use and not reservable.
Cobbenhagen building
  • Type of study places: silent study places with and without PC.
  • Location:
    • C 023 (basement):  85 reservable silent study places without PC (with power outlets). 
    • C 044 (basement):  20 reservable study places with PC (with power outlets). 
    • C 044 (basement): 4 reservable study places without PC (with power outlets). 
  • Type of study places: (group) study places without PC in the study rooms (1-, 2-, 4- and 10-persons reservable). 
  • Open study places with power outlets (partly reservable, partly free to use)
  • Details:
    • Lockers available.
    • The 10-person study rooms are provided with displays.  
  • Location:
    • Ground floor:  open study places without PC (with power outlets). 
    • Ground floor: student meeting rooms for 2 and 4 persons and  1-person closed study places.  
    • First floor:  student meeting rooms for 2 and 10 persons and 1-person closed study places.  
  • Printers: Rooms CUBE 48 and CUBE 291
Dante building
  • Type of study places: 
    • Individual study places with and without PC, not reservable
    • Group study places without PC (with power outlets), not reservable
    • Lounge places without PC, not reservable
  • Location:
    • Ground floor
  • Printer: D 61
Esplanade building

Some study and student associations have their office in the Esplanade building. The keys for these offices can be found in de so-called Traka cabinet on the ground floor. You need to online apply for access to this Traka cabinet beforehand. 

Request access Traka cabinet

Goosens building
  • Type of study places: 
    • Study places with and without PC or screen (with power outlets), not reservable
  • Details:
    • Study places with adjustable desk and notebook docking facilities.
    • Separate screens, laptop holders, keyboards and computer mouses
  • Location:
    • Goosens Learning Center (GLC) first floor: 2 study places without PC (with power outlets)
    • Goosens Learning Center (GLC) first floor: 6 study places with PC (with power outlets)
    • Goosens Learning Center (GLC) first floor:  8 study places with screen, keyboard and computer mouse (with power outlet)
    • Second floor:  (group) study places without PC (without power outlets). Note: you may be asked to make room for staff members if they need these workspaces. 
    • In addition, students can also study in the following computer labs when lectures are not in use for lectures: GZ102, GZ104, GZ 106, GZ109, GZ110.
  • Printer: G159. 
Library building
  • Type of study places:  (group) study places with and without PC. 
  • Details:
    • Silent study places on level 2. 
    • Lockers available.  
  • Reservation:
  • Printers: L 089 - L 181 - L 185 - L 281 - L 285. 
  • Opening hours*:
    • Monday to Friday from 08:00 - 24:00 hrs.
    • Saturdays & Sundays 10:00 - 24:00 hrs.
Maranatha Student Church

There are 6 workstations available in the library of the Maranatha Student Church. These are study stations without a PC. There is no printer available. 

  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08:45 - 17:00 hrs.

You do not need to make a reservation but you do need to check in between 08:45 and 09:00 hrs. 
There is coffee and tea, as well as a place to eat your lunch.

Marga Klompé
  • Type of study places:
    • Study places without PC (with power outlets), not reservable
    • Group study places without PC (with power outlets), not reservable
  • Location:
    • Ground floor (MK2)
    • Second floor (MK251, MK252)
    • Third floor (MK351)
  • Printers: on the second floor (MK263) and third floor (MK351)
  • Type of study place: individual study places and group study places.
  • Location: ground floor and first floor: 11 student meeting rooms with screen and 3 student meeting rooms without screen. Reservations for all meeting rooms can be made.
  • Printer: present
  • Type of study places: 250 individual study places without pc
  • Location: Ground floor and first floor
  • Printer: Room 1.12 
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 08.00 - 18.00 uur hrs.
    • No reservations possible 
    • Acces without Tilburg University Card
    • Study places are meant for students of Tilburg University, Fontys and ROC
Montesquieu building: Montesquieu Learning Center (MLC)
  • Type of study places: group) study places with and without PC, experiment rooms. 
  • Details:
    • M21 & M23 are experiment rooms. You can sit here if the room is not booked.  
    • Lockers with power outlets available.
  • Location: none of the study places are reservable. 
    • Ground floor: 18 study places with PC (with power outlets). 
    • Ground floor: 92 study places without PC (with power outlets).  
    • Ground floor: 2 group study places without PC (with power outlets)
    • M 21: 20 study places with PC
    • M 23: 20 study places with PC
  • Printer: M 22. 
Reitse Toren
  • Type of study place: silent study places,study places and group study places. 
  • Location:
    • Fourth floor: 20 silent study places without PC (with power outlets)
    • Fourth floor: 20 study places without PC (with power outlets)
    • Fifth floor: 16 study places without PC
    • Third and sixth: 8 student meeting rooms (group study places) with power and screen 
  • Printer: present
Warande building
  • Type of study places: individual study places without PC on the first and second floor. 
  • Printer: not present

Restaurant (Mensa)

Outside the busy lunch/dinner time, you can also sit in the restaurant to study. There are workplaces without PC (and without power outlets). You can study here Monday to Friday from:

  • 08:30 - 11:30 hrs
  • 14:00 - 20:00 hrs

Outside study places on-campus

If the weather is nice, you can also study at the outdoor picnic tables. These 'outdoor study places' are located near the following buildings: Cobbenhagen, Dante, Montesquieu, Simon, TIAS, Warande, and the restaurant. The outdoor study places are equipped with a power outlet and the study places outside the Warande building and the restaurant also have a water tap. 


You can check out the software on the PCs yourself by clicking on Start > All programs. Or you can contact IT Support.

Study places Utrecht

Students of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology can also use the IT and library facilities of Utrecht University.

Frequently Asked Questions on Study Places

How can I login, log off and lock a student desktop?

How can I log in on a student desktop?

You have access to the student desktops with your Tilburg University username (s+6 figures or u+7 figures) and Tilburg University password. You can change your Tilburg University password online via the Password application. Also if you have forgotten your Tilburg University password, go to the
Password application.

How can I temporarily lock my student desktop?

Once being logged in on the student desktop the key combination [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Del] calls up the window for temporarily locking the student desktop for a maximum of 15 minutes.

It is prohibited to place material on the keyboard, use software or other methods to prevent a restart. Supervising and security personnel check the proper use of the facilities and take action when needed. Your PC might be turned off.

How can I log out?

To end the session you go to the Start menu and choose the option Shut Down.

Automatic 'power-off' available?

After a student desktop is switched on, a blue log in screen will appear for 15 minutes. If the desktop stays idle during this period, the power will automatically be switched off. A warning will appear just before this happens.

How to save files?


OneDrive is your personal Tilburg University storage location. It supports all kinds of useful facilities, including sharing documents inside the organization, collaborating simultaneously in one document, version control, and editing on other devices such as your smartphone.

If I store files locally, can a different user see them, too?

OneDrive is offered in your browser by default. However, if you use the OneDrive desktop app on your desktop, you can also access your files in Windows Explorer. This works best with Office ProPlus. In this way, OneDrive works both offline and online.

Once you have synchronized the OneDrive desktop app with your OneDrive in the cloud, you can work on your files in OneDrive, even if there is no internet connection. That synchronization happens as soon as a network connection (WiFi or cable) is available. At that moment, other users with whom you have shared the document can see your changes.

Do I have access to my OneDrive at home?

Yes, because you can access your information in OneDrive from any location, on any device: on your Tilburg University laptop or desktop, on your personal Windows or Apple laptop, on a tablet or IPad, and on your Windows, Android, or Apple smartphone.


Students get a home directory with 250 MB disc space on the student server to store data. Therefore, it is not necessary to store the files on a USB stick. This M:\ drive is also called your home directory and has got the permanent letter M: for every student.

Can other users see my locally stored files?

No, other users don't have access to your local files. A reset of the C:\ drive takes place after every log in session, causing the computer to reset completely. So, after every restart it is a standard student desktop. Also the student desktop SWAP partition (D:\ drive) is cleared every day. The SWAP partition is used to store temporary files. Should you have saved files here, please make sure to store them on your M:\ drive or USB stick before ending your session.

If I save files on my desktop, will they remain available for another session?

No, here also goes that the desktop will be cleared after every restart. So mind to save files on your M:\ drive or USB stick.

Do I have access to my M:\ drive at home?

Off-campus you have access to the files saved in your M:\ drive too. Check the FileZilla manual for instructions.

I have accidentally deleted a file. Can it be recovered?

Files deleted from the M:\ drive cannot be recovered. In OneDrive, you yourself can always restore a version saved earlier or recover a deleted document within 30 days. After 30 days, the document goes into the administrator’s recycle bin, where it will remain a maximum of 63 days.

How to change keyboard and language settings?

The standard computer start up is the Dutch language together with the so-called US keyboard settings. You can switch between the keyboard settings by clicking on the NL-icon and selecting the preferred keyboard setting.

How can I prevent pain in arms, neck and shoulders?

Prevent working in the same posture for a long time. It can cause complaints in your arms, neck and shoulders. 

Read how to prevent these complaints