Studieplekken Tilburg University Library

Study Places for Students

Study on-campus? We have a wide variety of study places available.

Type of Study Places

  • Silent study places
  • Group work study places
  • Study places with and without PC
  • Dual screen study places

Free Study Places?

Check the availability of study places with a PC in the PC Availability Tool. It displays the free study places in the following buildings: Dante, Goosens, Library, Montesquieu, and Prisma.

Check de PC Availability Tool

Make a room reservation

Students, study and student associations can make room reservations for meetings, study places, workshops and events.          

Read more on how to book a room

Specifications Study Places per Building

Academia building
Cobbenhagen building
Dante building
Esplanade building
Goosens building
Library building
Montesquieu building: Montesquieu Learning Center (MLC)
Prisma building
Reitse Poort
Reitse Toren
Warande building

* Opening hours: please check the web page on opening hours for an overview.

Restaurant (Mensa)

Outside the busy lunch/dinner time, you can also sit in the restaurant to study. There are workplaces without PC (and without power outlets). You can study here Monday to Friday from:

  • 08:30 - 11:30 hrs
  • 14:00 - 20:00 hrs

Outside Study Places On-Campus

If the weather is nice, you can also study at the outdoor picnic tables. These 'outdoor study places' are located near the following buildings: Cobbenhagen, Dante, Montesquieu, Simon, TIAS, Warande, and the restaurant. The outdoor study places are equipped with a power outlet and the study places outside the Warande building and the restaurant also have a water tap by Join the Pipe. They hand out water bottles to school children for better hygiene, install water pumps in villages and organize City Clean-Ups to tackle the plastic waste issue at source.


You can check out the software on the PCs yourself by clicking on Start > All programs. Or you can contact IT Support.

Rules student study places

To make studying on the campus as pleasant as possible for all, there are some rules.

Study Places Utrecht

Students of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology can also use the IT and library facilities of Utrecht University.

Frequently Asked Questions on Study Places

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