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Throughout the year you have the opportunity to learn more about Tilburg University and the Bachelor's programs that we offer. You can take part in various types of events: on-campus, online, and sometimes even abroad. These activities can help you decide which university and study program are the right choice for you. The best part of it all: you can join in wherever you are in the world.

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Throughout the year, we offer various possibilities to participate in our events for prospective students. We are organizing online events and we aim to offer as many on-campus events as possible.

In the calendar below you can find all events that are open for (pre-)registration. All registrants will be informed if any changes occur due to COVID-19 measures.  

Campus Experience

  • Recommended when: you want to experience what it is like to be a student at university and ask current students your questions about student life in Tilburg. 

  • Coming up: March 2, 2022.

During the Campus Experience, you will discover our compact, green campus. You will have the opportunity to ask current students all your questions about student life. This event will only be held on campus.  

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Get to know Tilburg University - Live Webinar for Bachelor's programs

  • Recommended when: you are just exploring your study options. You wonder what it is like to be a student in the Netherlands and Tilburg. You would like to know more about Tilburg University and our Bachelor's programs.
  • Coming up: February 18 and April 19, 2022

The Get to know Tilburg University - Live Webinar is a short introduction to studying in the Netherlands. You will have the opportunity to ask our current students your study-related questions, get to know Tilburg University, and find out which Bachelor's programs interest you.  

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Admission and Application - Live webinar for Bachelor's programs

  •  Recommended when: you are interested in doing a Bachelor's program at Tilburg University, and you would like to know more about the admission and application process.
  • Coming up: February 25, 2022

During the Admission and Application webinar you will be able to ask current international Bachelor students, and university representatives your questions about the application steps and admission process.

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Online Bachelor's Open day 

  • Recommended when: you do not yet know what you want to study and at which university, but you want to learn more about the programs that Tilburg University offers.
  • Coming up: March 19, 2022.

Our Online Bachelor's Open day is a unique opportunity to get to know so many different programs at the same time. It is the perfect moment to get an insight into the Bachelor's programs that Tilburg University has to offer.  You can also ask our students, teachers and study advisors all your questions.

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Meet us at a (virtual) fair

  • Recommended when: you are unable to attend any of our university events, but want to receive more information about Tilburg University and have the opportunity to chat with a staff member.
  • Coming up: several dates throughout the year.

If you are unable to participate in a Tilburg University event, you can also (virtually) meet us at a fair! Throughout the year, we will attend (virtual) education fairs around the globe. At the fair you can visit our booth, pick up or download a brochure, and ask us your questions

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Student for a day Bachelor's programs

  • Recommended when: you have a program in mind or you consider various options.
  • Coming up: from April 11.

Attend a variety of mini-lectures starting April 11 and find out which study program is the right one for you. Due to COVID-19, the format of this event is still unclear. Do you want to stay informed about the event? Sign up to be notified as soon as possible.

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Campus tour

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Wander around our campus in the online Campus Tour. Navigate the campus and listen to the explanations.

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