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International student support

Moving to a different country is a big step, bringing a lot of challenges. Tilburg University wants to help you make this transition as smooth as possible. We offer dedicated services which you, as an international student, can count on before, during, and after your studies.

Each program has its own admissions officer, who will guide you through your application process. You can turn to the admissions officer with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your application. The admissions officer is your main contact person at the university.

After your admission to one our programs, a number of matters have to be arranged with the assistance of our International Office. We will help you adjust to life at Tilburg University as quickly and as smoothly as possible! Check our Practical issues section for more information.

Before arrival: things to arrange

Once you have been accepted for the program of your choice, the ball will start rolling. Our Immigration Office will help you arrange your student visa and guide you through the entire process of immigration. As Tilburg University cooperates with a housing agency in Tilburg, all international students will be offered the chance to rent a furnished room through this agency. Our helpful pre-departure guide will explain all the steps you need to take for your transition to Tilburg: immigration, housing, insurances, financial matters, and more.

Registration Days: your smooth start in Tilburg

Our Registration Days take place before the Introduction week (TOP week). We strongly recommend that you plan your travel to Tilburg University to arrive on the Registration Days! If you don’t visit the Registration Days you will have to arrange all the services provided yourself, which will mean a lot of extra work for you!

Tilburg University Travel Assistance

If you arrive at Amsterdam or Eindhoven airport, our students help you with your onward journey to Tilburg welcome you. Once arrived, you will be picked up from the train station. We will provide you with a warm welcome and a pleasant arrival. During the Registration Days you need to register your arrival at Tilburg University.

Go to the website for information about Tilburg University Travel Assistance.

In addition, we will provide you with all kinds of services that will contribute to a relaxed and organized start of your stay, like:

  • Meet & Greet your Admissions Team
  • Make an appointment to open your Dutch bank account
  • Pick up your Tilburg University Student Card
  • Buy a bike
  • Arrange your insurance
  • Purchase your membership for the Sports Center
  • Information about the hotspots in Tilburg and about public transport in the Netherlands

Furthermore you can enjoy live music, typically Dutch snacks and sweets and refreshing drinks. Former students will be available to answer study-related questions and you meet your new fellow students from all over the world!

Go to the website for more information about the Registration Days.

Introduction week: making friends and getting to know the city

The first Monday after the Arrival Days forms the start of the Tilburg Orientation Program, also known as TOP week. TOP week is your introduction to life in Tilburg. You will get to know your way around the city, meet your fellow students, and quickly adapt to campus life. Your mentors during TOP week are current Tilburg University students who know the ropes. They are the ideal guides during your introduction period.

All new international students will be assigned a buddy in addition to your group mentor during TOP week. This buddy is a senior Tilburg University student and member of I*ESN. He or she will help you find your way around in the first few weeks and will help you get acquainted with life in the Netherlands. You can turn to your buddy with any questions you may have during the first weeks of your study.

Please note that the first day of class is quite early on the calendar compared to other countries: we usually start in January or the last week of August!

Guidance and mentoring

Making the transition from secondary school to university is an exciting time. But being far away from your family in a completely new country and school system can be quite challenging. Tilburg University has several services available which you can rely on.

Academic advisor
Student psychologist
Study Abroad Advisor
Other support

What's next?

Career Center

Our Career Center provides several services to help you with your career orientation, for example coaching, the possibility to take part in workshops on building your CV or writing a cover letter, and other career events. The Career Center can coach and advise you on questions regarding your choice of study, study career planning, and choice of profession.

Alumni network

Stay connected! Tilburg University encourages strong ties among graduates, and between graduates and their Schools or graduate associations. After your graduation, you can stay in touch with fellow alumni, be informed about current developments in your field of study, and make use of our special alumni services such as knowledge vouchers, career services, access to the Sports Center, and discounts on several courses at Tias School for Business and Society. A strong alumni network is a valuable asset when you take your first career steps.