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Student for a day Bachelor's programs

Do you have a specific study program in mind or are you still considering various options? Join one or more of our Student for a day event(s) this fall of 2023. Together with our students you can attend a variety of mini-lectures and discover whether the study program suits you. At the end of November, Student for a day events will take place again. By mid-September, it will be announced which programs will be presented on each day, and pre-registrations will also open around that time. Would you like to stay informed about events at Tilburg University? Click on the 'keep me informed' button.

Can’t wait until fall?

You can already watch a recorded lecture of the Bachelor's programs you are interested in.

To the trial lectures

and get a glimpse of the study program

students and lecturers

and ask them everything you want to know

the campus

and learn more about student life in Tilburg

Join a Student for a day event

For whom?

If you have just a few Bachelor's programs on your shortlist, you can join a Student for a day event. We'll tell you all about the specific Bachelor's program, our university, and student life in Tilburg.

To get a full understanding of the content of a Bachelor's program, we advise you to visit the Bachelor's Open day, or look at the program information on our website.

What to expect?

Immerse yourself in a Bachelor's program by attending a Student for a day event.

  • Join one or more mini-lecture(s) with other prospective students, to experience what it's like attending a lecture at our university. These lectures have been developed for the Student for a day event and are based on existing lectures. 

  • Ask our students and teachers all your questions to find out whether the study program meets your expectations. 

  • Explore what living and studying in Tilburg is like at the Information Fair and discover all aspects of student life in Tilburg. Ask all your questions to the present study associations and students.

  • You can end the day with a Campus Tour guided by students of your chosen study. If you have already experienced a Campus Tour during another event, you are free to return home.

Can parents join?

Being a student for a day gives you a realistic idea of what it is like to attend a lecture, so without your parents. Do you want to orientate for a study program at Tilburg University with your parents? Then we invite you to join our Bachelor's Open day instead.

Join our Bachelor's Open day

Do you have questions beforehand?

During the Student for a day event you can ask your questions to students of the program. If you have any questions beforehand, please e-mail a student from the program. 

Ask a student

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