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Career perspective after BSc Online Culture: Art, Media and Society

Online Culture: Art, Media and Society trains you for more than just one specific profession. For this reason, career prospects are very diverse.

Most of our students pursue a Master's degree after completing their Bachelor’s degree in Online Culture: Art, Media and Society.

Preparation for your future career

Online Culture pays a lot of attention to career orientation. In the third year, you will  prepare yourself for your future career by choosing one of the following two career paths: Entrepreneurship or Research. You can also benefit from the services of our Student Career Center that can help you prepare for your transition to the job market.

Typical jobs include...

Online Culture: Art, Media and Society prepares you for a successful career within the online and traditional media sector, or in cultural organizations, international companies, government or education. Graduates have professions such as:

  • Online Media Strategist
  • Marketing and Communications Advisor
  • Media and Event Manager
  • Cultural Entrepreneur
  • Communications Officer
  • Journalist/Columnist
  • (Web) Publisher/Editor
  • Education Officer
  • Programmer of film, theater or debates
  • Policy Officer in culture, education or diversity