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These activities can help you learn more about our Bachelor’s programs or help you make the right choice if you need to decide between different programs or universities. You can take part in various types of events. If you do not have the opportunity to visit us, you can still meet us abroad or online.

Study in Holland

Learn about higher education in the Netherlands: how it is organized, what the different terms mean, and what the value is of the different types of diplomas offered.

Ask one of our students

Who better than our students to tell you about their study experiences at Tilburg University. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have!  On the program pages you can find out which students you can get in touch with.

Would you like to get to know Tilburg University up close?

Our activities can help you decide which university and study program are the right choice for you. Throughout the year you have the opportunity to learn more about Tilburg University and the Bachelor's programs that we offer.