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Courses for Exchange students

Please find here all the courses that are available for exchange students. Exchange students can choose courses from all schools of Tilburg University. To avoid the disappointment of not being able to take your indicated courses, we advise you to critically assess each course and only select courses that match your specific academic background. In some cases, students will have to meet the specific requirements of a course.

Course overview

There are two ways to see an overview of all available courses for exchange students:

1. For now you can use an excel file, that you can download through the following link:

Courses for exchange students in 2021/22 academic year  

  • If you are a Bachelor student, please only look at courses that have a 'yes' in the column 'open to bachelor students'.
  • You can check if conditions apply to a course and what these conditions are. Below you can find more detailed information on courses with specific criteria (LAS, GLB, Intervict, CentER, Econometrics, JADS)
  • If there is a maximum number of exchange students, you can find how many students can be admitted.
  • You can also see if the course runs for the complete semester (Fall or Spring) or for just one block (Block1, 2, 3 or 4). Courses in Block 1 will run from August until October and courses in block 2 will run from October to December. Courses from both blocks can have (resit) exams until the end of January. 
  • By clicking on the link, you will get more information on the course.

2. At a later stage (beginning of August at the earliest) you can use the Osiris Course Catalog to check our course offer. You can find it by making the following choices:

  • Faculty = 'Tilburg University'
  • Degree Program = 'Exchange Program Tilburg University'
  • Exam type = 'Incoming Exchange'

Choose the appropriate study program based on your level of study whilst being on exchange and click on 'search'.

Please note: Master students are allowed to take Bachelor courses if it is approved by their home university. Bachelor students can only choose from Bachelor level courses (except from Tilburg Law School – where Bachelor students can also choose Master level courses).

Courses to which conditions apply

Before you start searching for courses it is important to know that Tilburg University has two different types of courses, for both you will need an official approval by us in your application in Mobility Online.

  1. Courses to which conditions apply - Conditions that may apply to these courses are the availability of  a restricted amount of places or a screening based on your academic background by the course coordinator of  the course. For these courses you might be rejected on the basis of these criteria.
  2. Courses to which no conditions apply - These courses do still require an  official approval  in Mobility Online, but will always be approved without any screening or maximum number of students. If you want to be sure you can take a course without any conditions, choose a course that does not have an approval  or maximum number of exchange students.

Courses offered within the BSc/ BA Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) program, LLB Global Law (GLB) program, and Research Master in Business/Economics (CENTER)  have additional entry requirements. You must upload additional information to your application in order to be considered entrance in these courses.

Selection Criteria for the LAS courses (LAS-conditions apply)
Selection Criteria for Global Law courses (GLB-conditions apply)
Selection Criteria for CentER courses (CentER-conditions apply)
Selection Criteria Econometrics Courses
Courses taught at JADS in Den Bosch

Please keep the following in mind when selecting courses:

  • A normal (full-time) course load is 30 ECTS per semester.
  • Exchange students are only allowed to take a maximum of 12 ECTS of the Language Center.
  • Some courses have admission requirements (e.g. the course coordinator will have to check your academic background or a course may have limited places available). These courses have been listed as courses to which conditions apply.
  • Some Schools work with a unit system (two units per semester), but the majority works with a semester system (two semesters per year).
  • Check the “pre-requisites” before selecting a course (these can be found when clicking on the name of the course). If you do not meet the pre-requisites, do not select this course.

Academic Calendar

You can find all information about the academic calendars of our Schools. Here you will find information about holidays and exam periods. Be aware that the holidays and the end of your exchange are dependent on the courses you will take.

Distance exams for incoming exchange students

In certain cases, incoming exchange students can submit a request to take an exam abroad. If permission is granted, the exam can be taken at the student's home university. Please check the FAQ on distance exams for incoming exchange students for further information.