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Incoming Exchange Program

We welcome about 650 international exchange students each year. These students come to Tilburg within the framework of ERASMUS+ agreements and bilateral agreements with universities all over the world. At Tilburg University, you can choose from a wide selection of over 300 English-taught courses per semester.

For outgoing exchange students of Tilburg University

An exchange at Tilburg University

  • If your university is an exchange partner of Tilburg University, you can apply for an exchange at Tilburg University with the International Office of your own university

  • Tilburg University does not offer a free mover program for exchanges outside of exchange agreements.

  • As an exchange student you do not have to pay a tuition fee at Tilburg University. Instead, you will continue to pay your regular fees to your home institution.

  • Whilst you are expected to be proficient in English, students of most nationalities are not required to take an English language test or submit an English language certificate in order to study at Tilburg University as an exchange student. Please check our language requirements page for further information.

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Becoming a new exchange student

Check all the information relevant to apply, select your courses and kick-start your exchange program at Tilburg University.

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