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PhD month! Workshop: “Who says?!”: Introduction to referencing and your “authorial voice”

Date: Time: 12:45 Location: Tilburg University - Reitse Toren - RTZ 502

Have you ever been told by your supervisor, “You need to add/reduce you own voice in your writing”, or “I don’t hear your voice in your writing”? Have you ever wondered about how referencing can facilitate or hinder “your voice” in the text?

This workshop will (re)introduce you to APA referencing and how to make clear “who is speaking” in your writing.  We will briefly discuss the latest edition of APA and then use texts to analyze how the author’s voice is or is not “heard” by the reader.

Maximum number of participants: 20

June is PhD month! Workshops are offered in English for PhDs from all Schools. The workshops are free of charge, but there is a maximum number of participants for each workshop, so please register quickly.

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This workshop is offered for free as part of the 50 year-anniversary of the Tilburg University Language Center.