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Career prospects International Business Law

The Master's program in International Business Law combines quality theory with a distinctly practical real-world approach - offering you an outstanding preparation for a legal career in the international business arena. You will be ready for the transition from university to your first job and the start of your career. Potential career paths include international roles as a professional business lawyer, an in-house counsel of corporations, or a career in academic research.

The career prospects are various: graduates work in legal practice and advisory functions at international and national, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Professional skills

A key advantage of the International Business Law qualification is the specific skills you develop throughout the program - qualities highly valued by future employers. These skills include:

  • The ability to critically assess and examine legal phenomena;
  • Discuss legal developments and cases from an analytical perspective;
  • Grounding your assertions in relevant theory, literature, and methodologies;
  • Convey your knowledge persuasively both orally and in written form;
  • Exhibit strong interpersonal skills;
  • And display a clear understanding of the needs and perspectives of future clients.

Alumni facts 

  • Gemiddeld aantal maanden tussen afstuderen en eerste baan: 1.11
  • Gemiddeld bruto maandinkomen een jaar na afstuderen: € 2.759-

Bron: Nationale Alumni Enquête, 2020 | n = 9

After your Master's

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