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Pre-Master's program Economics

We offer tailor-made pre-Master’s programs for students with a Bachelor's degree from a research university that covers most but not all entry requirements of the MSc Economics. Due to the advanced content of the program, we cannot offer a pre-Master's program to students who graduated from a Dutch university of applied sciences (hbo).

Pre-Master's programs

For students with an international degree, or a Dutch research university (wo) degree

Tilburg University offers a pre-Master's program specifically for graduates whose university Bachelor's degree does not entirely meet the entry requirements of the Master's program in Economics.

Tailor made to individual academic needs

The pre-Master’s program is tailor-made to individual needs and consists of a maximum of 30 ECTS, providing you with the essential foundation needed to pursue your Master's in Economics.

  • After finishing the program with good results, you can start with the one-year Master's program in Economics and all of its specialized tracks end of January, or end of August in the next academic year.
  • If you have questions regarding the pre-Master's or the admission and application process, please get in touch.

Application and admission

As a university graduate you cannot apply for our pre-Master’s program directly; you should always apply for the Master's program. The Admissions Committee will then decide, based on your complete application, whether:

  1. You can be admitted to the Master's program directly.
  2. You need to take a 6-month (or 10-month, whole year) pre-Master's program.
  3. You cannot be admitted to the (pre-)Master's program.

Check the application and admission procedure

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