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Self-service university account

You receive a Tilburg University account and a password the moment you enter into the employ of the university or when you register as a student. Only when you change this password in the self-service will you have access to a large number of the university's digital services.

For which applications can I use my password? 

Your password is valid for a large number of digital services provided by the university. You need the password for web access through Single Sign On, to log on to your PC, to access your mailbox and the wireless network and a lot of other services.

Please note: a number of applications do not use the university username/password combination. When you change your university password via the self-service these passwords will remain unchanged. Examples of these applications are: Planon, SAP and xFlow.

How long will my password be valid? 

Your password has a limited life-time. For security reasons Tilburg University requires you to change your password at least once every half year. When it is time for you to change your password, you will be notified when you login via SSO and by e-mail.Your password will automatically expire if you don't respond in time.