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The Tilburg Institute for Family Business offers the course Family Businesses and Succession.

It is a multidisciplinary program that is offered  in the following master programs Company Law, Tax Economics, Tax Law. The course focuses on several aspects of succession in family firms like the design of succession, ownership and control, property issues, governance of the firm, and the valuation and financing.

Professional Learning

'Bedrijfsopvolging bij familiebedrijven'

The executive program Bedrijfsopvolging bij familiebedrijven is suited for consultants and entrepreneurs and their successors. This multidisciplinary program focuses on several aspects of succession in family firms like tax and legal issues, governance and financing, but also on the psychological aspects of succession. The program offers the latest scientific insight on succession in combination with practical cases focused on succession. Only in Dutch

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'Commissaris in het Familiebedrijf'

The executive program Commissaris in het Familiebedrijf is a multidisciplinary program and focuses on the complicated dilemmas commissioners in family businesses are facing. The program strengthens their knowledge and competences so they can take on this challenge in an inspiring, engaging and connecting way. Only in Dutch

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TIFB promotes that students can write their bachelor and/or master thesis about several aspects of the family business. Students in the master programs as Tax Law, Company Law, Finance and Strategic Management write their master thesis about various aspects of family business.

BSc thesis Management
MSc thesis Finance
MSc thesis Human Resource Studies
MSc thesis International Management
MSc thesis Strategic Management


Would you like to participate in research on family business related topics or submit topics for theses and offer internships?