Health, Safety & Environment advisor

  • Develop, write and manage health, safety and environmental policy;
  • Advice, support and accompaniment management in the application and implementation of the health, safety and environmental policy;
  • Information and education about various health and safety topics that relate to the entire organization;
  • Support, inform and stimulate the AMK's from the faculties or departments;
  • Answer several questions for all ranks within the organization in matters concerning working conditions.

Prevention Officer

A Prevention Officer is busy with the daily health and safety on the workplace, including:
-Assisting the Tilburg University on the fulfillment of his legal obligations;

-Contributing to the creation of the Risk inventory & -evaluation (RI&E) of working conditions;

-Advise the University Council on the measures to be taken;

-The execution of the measures taken or support it.


  • Legislation and regulations on working conditions (safe and healthy working conditions)

  • Ergonomics (working with computers)

  • Quality assurance (ISO 9001)

  • Accessibility campus and buildings

  • Advice working conditions


Working group 'Inclusive education'

Working group '#Healthy campus'

SAAZuNIE 'Environment'

Working group 'Mobility'

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