I have been at Tilburg University since the 1990's and am now a professor in the Department of Culture Studies. I work on multiculturalism, more specifically on how it affects people's communication habits and their language use. I teach about these topics in the BA and MA programs Online Culture and in the Research MA that Tilburg shares with Radboud University Nijmegen, on Language and Communication. I'm also one of the coordinators of that program. In my research I work together with PhD students and colleagues here and abroad, and I am currently the editor of an international journal on bilingualism.  My main scientific interest is in how to combine the many different academic disciplines that, often independently, contribute insights about multiculturalism, and how to translate that into my teaching.


Recent publications

  1. Usage-based approaches

    Backus, A. (2021). Usage-based approaches. In E. Adamou, & Y. Matras (Eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Language Contact (pp. 110-126). (Routledge Handbooks in Linguistics). Routledge.
  2. Language variation in dialect-standard contact situations - Two cases…

    Doreleijers, K., Piepers, J., Backus, A., & Swanenberg, J. (2021). Language variation in dialect-standard contact situations: Two cases from Brabantish and Limburgish dialects in the Netherlands. In G. Kristiansen, K. Franco, S. De Pascale, L. Rosseel, & W. Zhang (Eds.), Cognitive Sociolinguistics Revisited (pp. 175-185). Walter de Gruyter.
  3. Usage-based contact linguistics - Effects of frequency and similarity…

    Hakimov, N., & Backus, A. (2021). Usage-based contact linguistics: Effects of frequency and similarity in language contact. Journal of Language Contact, 13(3), 459-481.
  4. Ziej is a woman and het is a girl - A referent’s age guides pronomina…

    Piepers, J., Backus, A., & Swanenberg, J. (2021). Ziej is a woman and het is a girl: A referent’s age guides pronominal gender variation in Limburgian. Taal en Tongval, 73(1), 1-44.
  5. Entrenchment effects in code-mixing - Individual differences in Germa…

    Quick, A. E., Backus, A., & Lieven, E. (2021). Entrenchment effects in code-mixing: Individual differences in German-English bilingual children. Cognitive Linguistics, 32(2), 319-348.

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