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I have a wide range of interests within political philosophy, including the ethics of violence and non-violence, feminist philosophy, migration ethics, and topics in animal ethics. I have written on pacifism, the feminist debate on pornography, competition, and self-sacrifice.

My current research explores how mechanisms of alienation support forms of violence, and subsequently call for new forms of non-violent resistance.


Recent publications

  1. Admiring Animals

    Cawston, A. (2019). Admiring Animals. In A. Archer, & A. Grahle (Eds.), The Moral Psychology of Admiration (pp. 165-178). (Moral Psychology of the Emotions). London: Rowman & Littlefield.
  2. Pacifism and Re-appropriated Violence

    Cawston, A. (2019). Pacifism and Re-appropriated Violence. In J. Kustermans, T. Sauer, D. Lootens, & B. Segaert (Eds.), Pacifism's Appeal: Ethos, History, Politics (pp. 41-60). Palgrave Macmillan Ltd..
  3. Rehabilitating Self-sacrifice

    Cawston, A., & Archer, A. (2018). Rehabilitating Self-sacrifice: Care Ethics and the Politics of Resistance. International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 26(3), 456-477.
  4. The feminist case against pornography

    Cawston, A. (2018). The feminist case against pornography: A review and re-evaluation. Inquiry.
  5. Political Disagreement and Conceptions of Violence

    Cawston, A. (2018). Political Disagreement and Conceptions of Violence. Tijdschrift voor Filosofie, 80(4), 721.

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