Annelieke Mooij

Annelieke Mooij

Assistant Professor

TLS: Tilburg Law School
TLS: Public Law and Governance


I have completed my PhD at the Dublin City University. My PhD research focussed on the role of the European Central Bank during the euro-crisis and COVID19 and the impact of this role on the independence and accountability of the ECB. During my PhD I have founded and chaired a research institute, the Dublin Law and Politics Review. 

My current research focusses on regulating technological developments in the financial industry. Whereby I have examined the Digital Euro and currently explore financial systems such as those that will take place in the Metaverse. Whereby I examine the possibility of regulating technology by using technology.


- European Central Bank,

- Financial Systems,

- European Institutional Law,

- FinTech,

- Central Bank Digital Currencies,

- Digital Euro



- Regeren & Besturen,

- Grondrechten,

- Verdiepend Staats- en Bestuursrecht,

- Rechtsbescherming Tegen de Overheid.


Recent publications

  1. Digital euro’s legal framework - The legal framework concerning legal…

    Mooij, A. (2023). Digital euro’s legal framework: The legal framework concerning legal tender, privacy and inclusion. European Parliament.
  2. Reconciling transparency and privacy through the European Digital Ide…

    Mooij, A. (2023). Reconciling transparency and privacy through the European Digital Identity. Computer Law & Security Review, 48, 1-9. Article 105796. Advance online publication.
  3. Regulating the metaverse economy - How to prevent money laundering an…

    Mooij, A. (2023). Regulating the metaverse economy: How to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism. (1 ed.) (SpringerBriefs in Law). Springer.
  4. A digital euro for everyone - Can the European System of Central Bank…

    Mooij, A. (2022). A digital euro for everyone: Can the European System of Central Banks introduce general purpose CBDC as part of its economic mandate? Journal of Banking Regulation. Advance online publication.
  5. The Digital Euro and energy considerations - Can the ECB introduce th…

    Mooij, A. (2022). The Digital Euro and energy considerations: Can the ECB introduce the Digital Euro considering the potential energy requirements? German Law Journal, 23(9), 1246-1265.

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