I am lecturer at the Tilburg University, department of sociology. I teach on sociology, social theory, gender, work-life issues, welfare states and sociology of work. My main research is cross-national research regarding work–family arrangements in organizations in different welfare state regimes. I co-edited of a number of books: Flexible Working, Organizational Change and the Integration of Work and Personal life (Edward Elgar, 2005), and Diversity, Standardization and Social Transformation. Gender, Ethnicity and Equality in Europe (Ashgate, 2011). I co-wrote with Joanne van der Leun and John Macionis a Dutch introduction to sociology (Pearson, 2010; 2014; new edition 2019). Currently, my research interests include the well-being of employees, the work–life balance and role of managers, boundary management in relation to work-life issues, work pressure, burnout, social theory, and music.


Recent publications

  1. Future challenges related to work pressure

    Den Dulk, L., Gorgievski, M., & Peper, B. (2021). Future challenges related to work pressure. In B. Steijn, & E. Knies (Eds.), Research handbook on HRM in the public sector (pp. 323-336). Edgar Elger Publishing Ltd..
  2. Dan wordt geluk weer heel gewoon. - Nostalgie, onzekerheid en het ver…

    Achterberg, P., & Peper, B. (2019). Dan wordt geluk weer heel gewoon. Nostalgie, onzekerheid en het verlangen naar verandering. In F. Dekker, M. Ham, & J. van der Meer (Eds.), Nieuwe zekerheden in onzekere tijden: Over werk, onderwijs en politiek (pp. 61-78). BoekXpress.
  3. De samenleving - Kennismaking met de sociologie

    Macionis, J., Peper, B., & van der Leun, J. (2019). De samenleving: Kennismaking met de sociologie. (14th ed.) Pearson Education Benelux.
  4. Tijdsdruk en burnout

    Peper, B., & Dekker, F. (2019). Tijdsdruk en burnout. In F. Dekker (Ed.), Theorie en praktijk van arbeid Boom Onderwijs.
  5. Work-family policies within the workplace

    Den Dulk, L., Yerkes, M., & Peper, B. (2018). Work-family policies within the workplace. In G. B. Eydal, & T. Rostgaard (Eds.), Handbook of family policy Edward Elgar.


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