I completed my PhD at the University of Edinburgh and worked at the University of Bristol before coming to Tilburg University in 2015. 

My main research interests are in moral philosophy, moral psychology and social philosophy. I am currently researching the role that admiration plays in our lives, particularly in relation to morality, culture and politics.  My work in this are has been aided by an NWO Veni grant (2017-2021 to study the Nature and Value of Admiration and a grant from the Moral Beacons Project at Wake Forrest University on Identifying Morally Exceptional People (2016-2017). I am especially interested at the moment on ethical and political issues relating to fame and celebrity. 


I also have active research interests in applied ethics (especially bioethics), aesthetics (especially aesthetic normativity), political philosophy and the philosophy of sport. 


- moral philosophy

- moral psychology

- social philosophy

- applied ethics

- political philosophy

- philosophy of sport

Recent publications

  1. Sportswashing: Complicity and Corruption

    Fruh, K., Archer, A., & Wojtowicz, J. (2023). Sportswashing: Complicity and Corruption. Sport, Ethics and Philosophy, 17(1), 101-118.
  2. Being a Celebrity - Alienation, Integrity, and the Uncanny

    Archer, A., & Robb, C. (2022). Being a Celebrity: Alienation, Integrity, and the Uncanny. Journal of the American Philosophical Association, 1-19.
  3. Celebrity Politics and Democratic Elitism

    Archer, A., & Cawston, A. (2022). Celebrity Politics and Democratic Elitism. Topoi, 41, 33–43.
  4. It’s much more important than that: against fictionalist accounts of …

    Archer, A., & Wojtowicz, J. (2022). It’s much more important than that: against fictionalist accounts of fandom. Journal of the Philosophy of Sport, 49(1), 83-98.
  5. The morality of fame

    Archer, A., Dennis, M., & Robb, C. (2022). The morality of fame. Ethical Perspectives: Journal of the European Ethics Network, 29(1), 1-6.

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