In 2015, I obtained a master in law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam as well as a bachelor in the philosophy of law and social sciences (also at the Erasmus University Rotterdam). As of October 2016 I worked at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel on a FWO-project about the informal rules of trade in Amsterdam and Lyon in the early 18th century. In June 2019 I was president of the organizing committee of the prestigious XXVth Annual Forum of the Young Legal Historians. I have published on several topics related to the history of mercantile and customary law from the 17th to the 19th century. After a short intermezzo teaching teenagers the beauty of the Dutch language, I was appointed at Tilburg University as a teacher for several courses, including Inleiding Rechtswetenschap, Introduction to the Philosophy of Global Law as well as the supervision of bachelor thesis


Recent publications

  1. Citizenship in early modern Amsterdam - An artisanal identity?

    in 't Veld, M., & den Hollander, M. (2021). Citizenship in early modern Amsterdam: An artisanal identity? In D. De ruysscher, A. Cordes, S. Dauchy, G. Stefania, & H. Pihlajamäki (Eds.), Commerce, citizenship, and identity in legal history (pp. 73-95). (Legal History Library; Vol. 54). Brill.

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