My name is Cynthia Pallandt (1988) and I'm a teacher and mentor for bachelor Psychology students. In 2010 and 2011 I myself graduated cum laude in Psychology (bachelor) and Psychology & Law (master), at Maastricht University. During my study I was a tutor for fellow students in many different courses. After that, I worked for 10 years in IT, at big companies such as Achmea, KPN and NS. Psychology has always been my passion however, and that's why in 2022 I returned to it, as a teacher at Tilburg University.

Next to my day job I'm also a politician at Brabantse Delta. I do several different kinds of volunteer work, for example as a writer for the Dutch Vegan Society (NVV). In 2022 I published my own book, on adopting and taking care of rabbits from a shelter (Konijnen Adopteren en Verzorgen) and I regularly give lectures about this topic.


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