We are Tilburg University

We are Tilburg University


Since September 2019, the KSGV has appointed me as a professor for sociology of religion and public mental health. I study the institutional dynamics of spiritual care and mental health care, and the, often implicit, role of religion and worldviews in societal developments.

I  teach at the department of practical theology and religious studies, and participate in the research program on the transformation of Catholicism in late modernity.


Recent publications

  1. Chaplaincy

    de Groot, K. (2020). Chaplaincy. In A. Possamai, & A. J. Blasi (Eds.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of the Sociology of Religion (Vol. 1, pp. 118-120). Sage Publications Ltd.
  2. Flourishing diversity - A response to Markus Davidsen

    de Groot, K. (2020). Flourishing diversity: A response to Markus Davidsen. NTT Journal for Theology and the Study of Religion, 74(3), 271-276.
  3. Help! (I need somebody) - Macht en afhankelijkheid in de geestelijke …

    de Groot, K. (2020). Help! (I need somebody): Macht en afhankelijkheid in de geestelijke gezondheidszorg. In Magical mystery tour: Rondom levensbeschouwing en geestelijke volksgezondheid (Vol. 2-95, pp. 11-40). KSGV.
  4. Justitiepastoraat: een doorslaand succes

    de Groot, K. (2020). Justitiepastoraat: een doorslaand succes. In R. van Eijk, T. W. A. de Wit, R. J. de Vries, & S. Körver (Eds.), Liefde in tijden van detentie (pp. 107-122). (Publicatiereeks van het Centrum voor Justitiepastoraat; Vol. 13). Wolf Legal Publishers (WLP).
  5. Oligopoly dynamics in the Dutch penitentiary system

    de Groot, K., & Vellenga, S. (Accepted/In press). Oligopoly dynamics in the Dutch penitentiary system. In J. Martínez-Arino, & A-L. Zwilling (Eds.), Religion and Prison in Europe: A Contemporary Overview (1 ed., Vol. 7). (Boundaries of Religious Freedom: Regulating Religion in Diverse Societies). Springer International Publishing.

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