Since September 2019, the KSGV has appointed me as a professor for sociology of religion and public mental health. I study the institutional dynamics of spiritual care and mental health care, and the, often implicit, role of religion and worldviews in societal developments.

I  teach at the department of practical theology and religious studies, and participate in the research program on the transformation of Catholicism in late modernity.


Recent publications

  1. Questions of Life - A sociology of the care of souls

    de Groot, K. (2021). Questions of Life: A sociology of the care of souls. Tilburg University.
  2. Socioloog en kritisch katholiek - In memoriam Leonardus (Bert) Layend…

    de Groot, K., & Noordegraaf, H. (2021). Socioloog en kritisch katholiek: In memoriam Leonardus (Bert) Layendecker (1930-1920). Religie & Samenleving, 16(1), 54-65.
  3. Vragen bij het leven - Een sociologie van de zielzorg

    de Groot, K. (2021). Vragen bij het leven: Een sociologie van de zielzorg. Tilburg University.
  4. Chaplaincy

    de Groot, K. (2020). Chaplaincy. In A. Possamai, & A. J. Blasi (Eds.), The SAGE Encyclopedia of the Sociology of Religion (Vol. 1, pp. 118-120). Sage Publications Ltd.
  5. Flourishing diversity - A response to Markus Davidsen

    de Groot, K. (2020). Flourishing diversity: A response to Markus Davidsen. NTT Journal for Theology and the Study of Religion, 74(3), 271-276.

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