I am an Assistant Professor of Operations Management in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management, Tilburg School of Economics and Management. I hold a Ph.D. in Management (specialised in Technology and Operations Management) from INSEAD Business School, France, and a MSc degree in Operations Management and Logistics from Eindhoven University of Technology. 


My research is on two streams: sustainable operations and humanitarian operations. Specifically, I am currently interested in understanding 1) how environmental regulations affect businesses and 2) how humanitarian financing mechanisms affect the impact created by humanitarian organisations. To analyse these questions, I use analytical (game-theoretic) models with an application to real data. My research has been acknowledged with academic awards and my insights were published for practitioners. 


My teaching follows my research. I am excited about teaching core operations management topics and showing how these can be crucial in solving the current societal problems. At INSEAD, I taught the MBA courses Business Sustainability Thinking and Process and Operations Management, and won an award for my performance. At TiSEM, I am currently developing courses on operations management for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Recent publications

  1. Consumer acceptance of circular business models and potential effects…

    Gulserliler, E. G., Blackburn, J. D., & Van Wassenhove, L. N. (2022). Consumer acceptance of circular business models and potential effects on economic performance: The case of washing machines. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 26(2), 509-521. ,

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