I completed my undergraduate studies in Psychology at the University of Lille, France, followed by a research master at KU Leuven, Belgium. Afterwards, I worked as a research assistant at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and as a researcher at SMA Europe (a European umbrella association for patient advocacy for people with SMA).

For my PhD project, under the supervision of Yasemin Erbas, Joran Jongerling, and Seger Breugelmans, I work on investigating within-person emotion experiences and how to improve the accuracy and impact of emotion measurement in well-being across the lifespan.


Bachelor Thesis and Research Skills in Psychology.

Recent publications

  1. From knowledge to differentiation - Increasing emotion knowledge thro…

    Vedernikova, E., Kuppens, P., & Erbaş, Y. (2021). From knowledge to differentiation: Increasing emotion knowledge through an intervention increases negative emotion differentiation. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, Article 703757.

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