dr. Friso Bostoen

dr. Friso Bostoen

Assistant Professor of Competition Law & Digital Regulation

TLS: Tilburg Law School


Friso Bostoen is an assistant professor of competition law and digital regulation at Tilburg University (from May 2023). He obtained his Ph.D. from KU Leuven as a fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders (2021) and was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute (2022–23). Friso completed his initial legal studies at KU Leuven (2016) and went on to obtain an LL.M. degree from Harvard University as a Fulbright scholar (2019).

Friso’s research focuses on the regulation of online platforms—and technology more broadly—under antitrust law and sectoral regulation. His work has resulted in numerous international publications and presentations. In addition, Friso edits the CoRe Blog and hosts the Monopoly Attack podcast. He has taught competition law at a variety of institutions including KU Leuven, the London School of Economics, Erasmus University (Rotterdam), Waseda University (Tokyo), and the University of Trento.



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Recent publications

  1. The antitrust books you should’ve read in 2023

    Bostoen, F. (2024). The antitrust books you should’ve read in 2023. Web publication/site, Lexxion. https://www.lexxion.eu/en/coreblogpost/antitrust-books-2023/
  2. Abuse of platform power - Leveraging conduct in digital markets under…

    Bostoen, F. (2023). Abuse of platform power: Leveraging conduct in digital markets under EU competition law and beyond. Concurrences.
  3. Antitrust remedies - From caution to creativity

    Bostoen, F., & van Wamel, D. (2023). Antitrust remedies: From caution to creativity. Journal of European Competition Law & Practice, 14(8), 540-552.
  4. Conference debriefing - ASCOLA 2023

    Bostoen, F., Karg, M., & Thépot, F. (2023). Conference debriefing: ASCOLA 2023. Web publication/site, . https://www.d-kart.de/en/blog/2023/07/13/conference-debriefing-36-ascola-2023/
  5. Literary theory 4.0 - The antitrust books you should have read in 2022

    Bostoen, F. (2023). Literary theory 4.0: The antitrust books you should have read in 2022. Competition Law Insight, 21(4), 1-4. https://www.competitionlawinsight.com/competition-issues/literary-theory-4.0-154213.htm

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