I'm a philosopher of religion/ epistemologist working at the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology. I received master degrees in theology and philosophy at the Catholic University Leuven. I received my PhD at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


My main expertise is in religious epistemology and philosophy of cognitive neuroscience. Some of pubications are: 

  • Arguing from Cognitive Science of religion. Is Religious Belief Debunked (Bloomsbury)
  • Revising Cognitive and Evolutionary Science of Religion (Springer)
  • The Epistemology of Spirit Beliefs (Routledge)


  • Religious Epistemology
  • Debunking Arguments
  • Cognitive Science of Religion
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Replication in the Humanities
  • Afro-Caribbean Religions


  • History of Philosophy
  • Contemporary Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Religion


Recent publications

  1. Animism and Science

    Eyghen, H. V. (2023). Animism and Science. Religions, 14(5), Article 653.
  2. Debunking Divine Command Theory

    Eyghen, H. V. (2023). Debunking Divine Command Theory. Religions, 14(10).
  3. An Epistemic Defense of Animism

    Van Eyghen, H. (2023). An Epistemic Defense of Animism. In T. Smith (Ed.), Animism and Philosophy of Religion (pp. 285-312). Springer.
  4. Epistemic Issues in Non-classical Religious Belief

    Van Eyghen, H. (2023). Epistemic Issues in Non-classical Religious Belief. MDPI AG.
  5. Justified Belief in Spirits

    Van Eyghen, H. (Author). (2023). Justified Belief in Spirits. Web publication/site

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