dr. Ico Maly

Associate Professor

TSHD: Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
TSHD: Department of Culture Studies


Ico Maly is associate professor @ Tilburg University (The Netherlands). He teaches Digital Media & Politics, Discourse Analysis & Digital Media and Interaction in the Hybrid Media System. He wrote several books including Nieuw Rechts (New Right, Epo, 2018), De Hedendaagse Antiverlichting (Contemporary anti-Enlightenment, Epo, 2018) and Superdiversiteit in Oostende (Kif Kif, 2014),  N-VA | Analyse van een politieke ideologie (N-VA | Analysis of a political ideology) (EPO, 2012) and De Beschavingsmachine Wij en de islam. (The Civilization Machine. We and the Islam) (EPO, 2009). Together with Jan Blommaert and Joachim Ben Yakoub he wrote Superdiversiteit en democratie (Superdiversity & Democracy) (EPO, 2014). He also edited the award winning work Cultu(u)rENpolitiek. Over media, globalisering en culturele identiteiten. (Culture and Politics. About media, globalization and cultural identities.) (Garant, 2007). 


In my research I have a preference for an ethnographic discourse analytical approach and for research that has societal relevance. I see my research as informed by passionate rationalism, a tragic humanism and a strong commitment not only to understand society but help improve it.

In the last decade I focused on the new right and in particular how different new richt actors use digital media. In this context I wrote on new right activism, radical right politicians and parties and new right intellectuals.  

In the next decade I want to focus on algorithms, interaction and power from a digital discourse analytical approach. 


Recent publications

  1. Book review: Rowan R Mackay, Multimodal Legitimation: Understanding a…

    Maly, I. (2024). Book review: Rowan R Mackay, Multimodal Legitimation: Understanding and Analysing Political and Cultural Discourse. Discourse & society, 1-3.
  2. Metapolitics, Algorithms and violence - Far-right activism and terror…

    Maly, I. (2024). Metapolitics, Algorithms and violence: Far-right activism and terrorism in the attention economy. (Routledge Studies in Fascism and the Far Right). Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/Metapolitics-Algorithms-and-Violence-New-Right-Activism-and-Terrorism/Maly/p/book/9781032251028
  3. Populisme als mediacultuur

    Maly, I. (2024). Populisme als mediacultuur. Sampol. Samenleving en Politiek. https://www.sampol.be/2024/03/populisme-als-mediacultuur
  4. ‘Here in the US’: Identity narratives, national beliefs and corporate…

    Beekmans, I., Maly, I., & Van Hout, T. (2023). ‘Here in the US’: Identity narratives, national beliefs and corporate governance values in Big Tech Hearing discourse. First Monday, 28(5).
  5. De Catch 22 van het Wokedebat - The Catch 22 of the Woke debate

    Maly, I. (2023). De Catch 22 van het Wokedebat: The Catch 22 of the Woke debate. Sampol. Samenleving en Politiek, 30(5), 11-15. https://www.sampol.be/2023/05/de-catch-22-van-het-wokedebat

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