Ini graduated as a PhD student in 2016 (Antwerp University). Her dissertation was funded by the Special Research Fund – Flanders (FWO) and focused on children’s processing of embedded advertising. In 2016, Ini was appointed as the research coordinator of the interdisciplinary VLAIO-SBO project AdLit (short for Advertising Literacy), which was a collaboration between Ghent University, the Free University of Brussels and the University of Antwerp. Thereafter, Ini was affiliated as a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Persuasive Communication (UGent). Currently, Ini is fulltime working as a assistant professor at the Department of Communication and Cognition (Tilburg University). In her research, Ini mostly focusses on minors’ processing of (persuasive) media. Her main research interest is influencer marketing, children’s media usage and consumer behaviour.


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